What we do


In order to offer every musician a stage on the various digital platforms that are out there these days, Sweetfish Distribution offers the possibility to take care of an independent release with a professional backbone. We strongly believe in releasing music the independent way. Sweetfish Distribution serves these independent artists with marketing and release consultancy to get the best out of their recordings.

DSP Pitching

In the world of streaming, getting added to major playlists can help to increase streaming rates for your release. Therefore we offer pitching services to playlist curators all around the globe.

Marketing Consultancy

As an artist, your knowledge of marketing and promotion is not your top priority and we understand this. Therefore, Sweetfish sits down with their artists to advice them on topics such as RTV promotion and how to position yourself as the brand you are.

Strategic Release Planning

Releasing music is not only about the recording itself. If you want to make an impact with your music, you have to make a longterm release planning. Sweetfish Distribution is there to help you with this plan in order to get the most out of your single, EP or album release.